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Augusta Farms

When my husband and I first met we both worked full time, he had a beef farm and I had chickens. I had told him how I had dreamed of being able to produce my own food, get that feeling of being self sufficient and be able to bring produce to the market. He had the same goal maybe without the market portion of it.

After being together for a year we took the plunge and moved to the farm. At this point we were farming beef, pigs, laying hens and had a small garden for ourselves and children (we both had 2 children from previous marriages, abra cadabra family of 6). Every year when we put seeds in the ground I had to wonder could our future have a produce farm in it.

Year four we got married, then the worst and best thing happened, I got sick. I was diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia. Worst for the fact that I was in so much pain going up and down on meds. I was unable to continue working my full time shift work job. Too sick for unemployment but not sick enough for disability. Bills started rolling in. The best thing was that I was finally able to be there for my kids I could actually make it to all the activities I had missed out on while on shift work. Meds got sorted out, I got feeling better and spring came. I planted a garden like I had never planted before. I joined the Prescott Farmers and Crafters Market and started providing for my family once again.

In that first summer we realized people love to eat fresh local produce and we loved growing it. We went from one 30'x100' garden the first year, doubled that the second year. Now for 2016 going into our third year we have put up a commercial sized green house and have two acres plowed up for spring.

We are so excited to continue our adventure

Why us?

At Augusta Farms we are a small family operation. We care about what you eat and grow our produce in the most natural way we can. By buying from a small family farm you can reduce your carbon footprint. Lessen packaging, lessen fuel used for shipping, and best of all you get fresh produce!

Taste the difference